National Nertz Association Online Tournament Information

As of Dec 10th, 2010, the National Nertz Association has hosted 6 online Nertz tournaments and has a seventh special tournament in progress.

There have been a combined 62 tournament registrants this year. 30 of those 62 are now veterans. Five of those 30 are now champions. One of those 5 has won 2 consecutive tournaments. 9 of the 30 veterans are males. 4 of 5 champions are females. The top ten ranked veterans consist of 6 females and 4 males.

The NNA hosted 6 regular season tournaments in 2009. NNA006 was not completed until 2010. However, NNA006 and the upcoming ToC tournaments will count as a 2009 not a 2010 tournament. So all stats will be recorded in the 2009 category for all players and game pages.

The NNA Online Player Ranking System formula to determine a player's rank is as follows: (# of Total Points/ # of Games Played)+(# of Tournament Championships Won X 25)+(# of Games Played + # of Games Won) = Player Ranking Score. The higher a player ranking score, the better a player will rank.

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Here is the list of Online NNA Tournaments:

NNA003 - The Summer Classic Online(Inaugural Event)
NNA005 - The MEGA-Nertz Open(Inaugural Event)

NNA007 - The 2009 Tournament of Champions (In Progress)

No 2010 Tournaments

NNA008 - (Not yet Scheduled)

Here is the current list of NNA Online Tournament Veterans and their ranks:

1. Sara Paseka (thespianfreakpms)
2. Aaron Whitcomb (awhitcomb9)
3. Katie McClain (fightclubchick4)
4. Meg Holko (filmphan3)
5. Jill Younker-Sny (Jillyrs4)
6. Christmas Wishart (holiday247crw)
7. Natasha Rene Stafford (pugluver0305)
8. Aaron Bartholomew (mathwiz1600)
9. Steven Wingfield (Steven Wingfield)
10. Nate Nelson (Nertzman)
11. Brock Ellis (TheBrockEllis)
12. Greg Riot Cross (GregRiotNNT)
13. Cathy Anderson Payne (catepageorgia)
14. Josh Consalvo (COnSaLvOShuFFle7)
15. Lacey Donaho (HtxAstrosFan)
16. Mallory Holko (claymate1717)
17. Teresa Rust (Gogo Mammma)
18. Laura Robertson Bratton (nertzqueen)
19. Kathy Nelon Michael (MeowKat22)
20. Regina Swager (sbgb777)
21. Kara Leigh Bartkus (Karabartkus)
22. April Allbritton (aprylistic)
23. Taylor Curtis (tayloor09)
24. Ben Bowman (bbenbbowman)
25. Brody Smith (littlepuffins)
26. Shanan Westover Osinski (Harlow21)
27. Joey Clark (roo1172)
28. Deanna Johnson (AustinDaisy)
29. Carol Phillips (Okiegal07)
30. Amanda Bogert (frootloop12121, ohamandaplease)

*Rankings are updated after a tournament is completed, not as a tournament progresses. A Player Score, the score used to rank a player, is updated only after that player has been eliminated from a tournament in progress or when that tournament ends. Players still in a tournament will not have updated player scores.

List of Rookies that will become ranked Veterans when the current tournament ends:

None Currently

Here is the list of the current (NNA008) tournament's registrants that will be the first official tournament of 2010:

Brody Smith (littlepuffins)
Ashley Simpson
Alexa Ann Quintus
Monica Yuen
Emilie Nichols

Here is the list of the rest of the 2009 tournament registrants:

Eddie Clark (Clarker5625)
Carlos Adam Miner Jr.
Courtney Miner
Kara Immel (Vahe)
Rachel Manning
Holly King
Marti(andKeith) English
Brandon Masterson
Eliot McNeil
Oksana Smile
Caleb Matthew Scrivner
Luke Peter
Leanna (Connell) Ingram
Olivia Welsh
Hal Hammons
Katie Sheridan
Saowanee Suesat
Amanda Crosby
Jamie Deibel
Sue Daugherty
Cylan Shaffer
Joel Bergkamp
Sean Forte
Tiffany Harr
Megan Grant
Kim Bohl Landstad
Matt Allbritton
Rachel Jensen
Duane Wilson
Barbie Lawson
Christopher James Svehla
Melissa Albright

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